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The Autopsy Process

When Brent Hall M.D. is called to perform an autopsy, he will either arrange transportation to his facility or go to the funeral home itself. During the autopsy process, he starts with a general examination of the deceased's clothing and jewelry. It is then thoroughly documented and bagged up to be returned to the family.

At this point, the body itself is examined for wounds and skin defects, and blood samples are obtained from the femoral vessel or subclavian vessel, and fluid is also taken from inside the eyes. A Y incision is made through the chest and abdomen, the rib cage is removed, a blood sample is taken from the heart, and organs are removed from the chest. Small pieces are cut in order to look for tumors, and the liver is inspected for toxicology. The scalp is opened, the cranial cap removed, and the brain is removed for examination. Various tissues are examined under microscope as well.