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A Board Certified Pathologist

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Swabbing During an Autopsy

Knowledgeable Autopsies and Consulting Services

When an autopsy is called for (whether by a medical examiner, the deceased's family, or the Department of Labor, etc.), rely on Autopsy PC, where you and the body of the deceased will be treated with the utmost respect. Autopsy consulting services are also offered. Call to learn more.

Examiner Next to Body

A History of Expertise

Brent Hall M.D. has performed autopsies for over 20 years and has found the cause of death in more than 3,000 cases.

Autopsy PC will take pictures of the deceased's body and will save significant findings. In addition, physical samples are saved for toxicology, chemical analysis, and DNA or genetic analysis purposes. Rely on Brent Hall to create an accurate report of all findings and conclusions. He is also available and happy to go over his findings with any investigative agency or to testify in court.

Private Autopsies

Autopsy PC is a private autopsy service available to the bereaved of North Carolina. We are located in Boone with state-of-the-art facilities. Our company is different from traditional necropsy providers in the following ways:

• A board certified pathologist is involved throughout the case, from the initial conversation with the funeral service/family to post-autopsy consultation.
• We provide the family with complete services, including chemistries and toxicology.
• The post-mortem examination can be performed at our Boone location or at your funeral home.
• Transportation to Boone for the procedure and back to your facility is available.

Procedure Pricing

• Complete Autopsy Including Brain - $5,000.00 
• Complete Autopsy Excluding Brain - $4,000.00
• Single Body Cavity/Organ - $2,500.00

• Procedure Performed at Your facility or Body Transported To and From Boone - Additional $500.00
• Toxicology and/or Chemistries - Additional $500.00